Reflections on “The Magical Monkey King: Mischief in Heaven”

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Fast Forward 500 Years April 8, 2009

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Monkey has been trapped under the mountain for 500 years.  He’s had lots of time to come up with a new plan.  Monkey is finally released from his stone prison.  Please write the next chapter for what happens next.  This should be three paragraphs in length.


It’s All in Your Point of View! March 15, 2009

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What's Your Point of View?

What's Your Point of View?

In your reading over the past few days, you have met a number of new characters, such as the students, Master Subhodi, the Demon of Havoc, and perhaps the Dragon King.  You are to pretend you are one of the newer characters that you have met through your reading.  Please write a paragraph, from their point of view, of what you think about Monkey.  Make sure you include evidence from the text to support your thoughts.  


Here is an example from a character encountered earlier in the book:

(Woodcutter)  One day, I was just minding my own business, singing a little song while I was just cutting branches in the woods.   I was rudely interrupted by a monkey,who thought I was a sage.  I found this monkey to be slightly demanding because he kept insisting I was a sage, and then  when I told him I wasn’t, he then wanted to know why then was I singing a song about a sage.  I have to admit, I was frightened of Monkey because he first seemed very upset with me when I told him I was not a sage.  Even after I told him about Master Subhodi,who is a sage, I still was somewhat afraid of what he might do as I led him through the woods towards where he could find Master Subhodi.  Luckily, I needed to stop leading him when  it got dark.  I found him definitely on the frightening side and that he always wants to get his own way.  I hope my next trip back to the woods is less eventful than this time!


What Do You Think So Far? March 11, 2009

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bookcoverSo, you’ve read the first four chapters of “The Magical Monkey King:  Mischief in Heaven.”  For tonight’s post, you are to respond to the following prompt:

Monkey is a very interesting character.  Please describe his personality.  Also, there is an interesting connection to someone we learned about while studying about ancient China.  Please write abut that connection as well and how their personalities are similar.


“Why Monkey King?” March 3, 2009

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drawing21Monkey combines the elements of fantasy, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, history, and geography to create a story that has lasted for centuries in China.In Monkey, Tripitaka, Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy venture to India to obtain Buddhist scriptures.  This story derives from the true journey west of Xuanzang, a Chinese Buddhist monk who traveled to India to obtain Indian Buddhist texts.  Both Monkey and Xuanzang’s journeys takes them along what is called “The Silk Route”.  Tripitaka’s journey and Xuanzang’s journey both lead them through many different environments, ranging from deserts to mountains to rivers.  Monkey also discusses several dynasties:  the Han Dynasty and the T’ang Dynasty.  Several famous landmarks, The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, The Flaming Mountain, and the Jade Gate are also mentioned in the story.  During this reading unit, children will be reading “The Magical Monkey King:  Mischief in Heaven” and responding to prompts posted on the blog.  Monkey King is quite the character and will be sure to keep the students riveted in their books as they discover what trouble he will next get into.  This “classic” has existed in China for 500 plus years and is still the favorite of Chinese children today.