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What Do You Think So Far? March 11, 2009

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bookcoverSo, you’ve read the first four chapters of “The Magical Monkey King:  Mischief in Heaven.”  For tonight’s post, you are to respond to the following prompt:

Monkey is a very interesting character.  Please describe his personality.  Also, there is an interesting connection to someone we learned about while studying about ancient China.  Please write abut that connection as well and how their personalities are similar.


15 Responses to “What Do You Think So Far?”

  1. EC 18 Says:

    EC 18 Monkey has a lot of personality. One reason is he is enthusiastic. “Monkey was so enthusiastic that he said his goodbyes immediately.”Another thing that he is very brave.“ I’m so brave, I’ll do anything.” Thirdly is that sometimes he get a little nervous. “Nervously, he jumped into a tree.” My last one is, “Monkey was so excited that he did a somersault in the air.”
    The thing that relates to Ancient China is that Monkey relates to the First Emperor because he wants to live forever like the Emperor and the use/learn to stay alive forever or at least to anyway.

  2. EC6 Says:

    EC6-From the Magical Monkey King Mischief in Heaven. Monkey has a very monkeyish personality. He is very lazy and gets tired of things very quickly. For example the book says, “but after studying hard for a whole year Monkey began to get bored”. (page 33). Monkey also likes to boast. He said, “I can change myself into any thing I want,” boasted monkey. (page 40).
    The person that we studied about that Monkey is like is the Jade Emperor (Qin Shi Huangda). The Jade Emperor wanted to be immortal just like the Monkey King. They both wanted to live forever.

  3. EC 13 Says:

    The character Monkey from the book the Magical Monkey King is a very brave, cunning, and curious monkey king who goes on a quest to find out the secrets to immortality. This journey takes him to many places and to meet many people like the sage called Master Subhondi, and the powerful Jade Emperor in heaven. There are also many challenges along Monkey’s path, such as demons and other mythical creatures, and Monkey must use all his strength and wisdom to stay alive on his long journey for immortality.

  4. EC 14 Says:

    EC 14 Even though I have only read four short chapters of Magical Monkey King: Mischief in Heaven, I have found out many characteristics about Monkey. First of all, Monkey is very brave. For example: Monkey is daring and is the only monkey who tries to jump over the waterfall, even though it is gigantic, and jumping over it, looks to all the other monkeys, impossible! But, of course, Monkey is brave enough to try. Also, Monkey shows signs of braveness when he travels through the deep, dark forest alone, to find a sage.
    Secondly, Monkey is not perfect. He is actually very boastful when he announces to all the other monkeys: “I am Stone Monkey, born of Heaven and Earth. I’m so brave, I’ll do anything.” The other monkeys call him boastful, and I agree with them. Monkey is very brave and powerful, but I don’t think he should brag about it.
    Lastly, Monkey wants to live forever. When Monkey finds out he shall someday die, he decides he must find a way to live forever. He is very similar to Qin Shi Huangdi, the first Chinese emperor. Qin Shi Huangdi also wants to live forever, and goes searching for some sort of medicine, like Monkey, who goes searching for a sage.

  5. EC 1 Says:

    Monkey is a very interesting character. First of all, Monkey is brave. In the book, Monkey says, “I’m so brave, I’ll do anything.” Secondly, Monkey is very enthusiastic. “Monkey was so enthusiastic he said his goodbyes immediately.” Though, I also think Monkey is very mischievous. In the book when Monkey laughs, it says, “It was a long, mischievous laugh, loud enough to shake the tall trees and their roots and cause the earth to tremble.” Monkey is very much like, and seeking the same thing that the First Emperor of China did. Monkey might not have the same personality as the First Emperor did, but they both looked for the secret to immortality.

  6. EC 12 Says:

    Monkey is a very interesting character. He is a brave, excited, nervous and enthusiastic monkey king. First, he is brave. He said “I’m so brave, I’ll do anything.” Second, he is excited. He does somersaults in the air many times a day. The Monkey King sometimes gets nervous. When he’s nervous he jumps into a tree to hide his feelings. Last but not least, Monkey is enthusiastic. “Monkey was so enthusiastic he said his good-byes immediately.”

    The connection to ancient China is that Monkey wants to live forever like the First Emperor. The difference is that Monkey studied and the First Emperor had his servants do the work.

  7. EC8 Says:

    Monkey has a big personality. His personality is sometimes disrespectful because he was showing off, that is against the rules. He is brave and will try anything. Monkey is like Qin Shi Huangde, he wanted a long life. Legends say that he ate powdered jade and drank mercury. This is what I know about Monkey now.

  8. EC 3 Says:

    EC#3 Monkey is a very interesting character, he is a golden monkey. For one Monkey is very brave “I’m so brave I’ll do anything Monkey boasted.” Monkey is also very boastful “Shame on you boastful monkey Grandmother Monkey scolded.” Monkey has a similarity to two Chinese emperors, Wudi and the First Emperor because they wanted to live forever.

  9. EC 4 Says:

    Monkey has an interesting personality. He is mischievous, tricky, and lazy. An example of when he was lazy is when the students were supposed to be hauling water, he was taking a bath in the water. This gave him a reputation of being lazy. Another time, Monkey was up in a tree and dumping dust on the student’s heads. It was fun for him but not for the students. This is an example of when he was mischievous and tricky. Monkey has something in common with the First Emperor. They both wanted to live forever. We don’t know yet if Monkey was successful, but the first Emperor was not. He ended up killing himself by eating powdered jade and drinking mercury.

  10. EC20 Says:

    EC20 I think that monkey is a very spirited character at one moment he’s praising his master the next he’s bragging to the students: MASTER I PRAISE YOU!! monkey shouted. Your lower half looks like a crocodile and your upper half looks like a donkey. He is brave, Monkey jumped through the waterfall. He is fierce, monkey battered down the demon. And most of all protective, My most important job is protecting all of you! monkey shouted. That is what I think monkey’s personality is like.

  11. E-C 7 Says:

    E-c 7 In the book The Magical Monkey King Mischief In Heaven, Monkey (the main character.) Is a small but powerful monkey. He is powerful by sending beam of light up to heaven when he hatched out of a stone egg. He is small because in the book it says that the monkeys (which he rules) only see a small shape on a stone 10 meters ahead of them but it is actually Monkey. Lastly monkey is a very brave monkey. He jumps into a waterfall and finds a new home for the clan. Monkey’s character is very similar to Qin Shi Huangdi because he wants to be immortal and same did Shi Huangdi.

  12. EC 19 Says:

    In the book The Magical Monkey King Mischief In heaven Monkey has a lot of characteristics. One of Monkey’s characteristics is that Monkey thinks he is very brave. I know this because in the book Monkey said “I’m so brave, I’ll do anything”. Another characteristic is that Monkey is very active because he said “I’m afraid reading would be too boring for me. I’m a monkey, after all. I can’t sit still”. Lastly Monkey thought he was so smart because he was Master Subhodi’s favorite student. Monkey is like Qin Shi Huangdi because they both want to live forever. These are some of the most interesting characteristics about Monkey.

  13. EC16 Says:

    Monkey is a very interesting person in this book. He is very brave but at the same time very boastful. In the text Monkey said “I am so brave, I will do anything.” This is an important part of Monkeys character because he admitted he was brave, but in a very boastful way. Another thing Monkey said was “I can change myself into anything I want.” Boasted Monkey. It even said boasted in the text.
    Qin Shi Huangdi is very much like Monkey. They both are kings and some-what stubborn. But the main reason these two are alike is that they are both searching for immortality. Qin Shi Huangdi did die but I don’t think Monkey will.

  14. EC 17 Says:

    Monkey is a mischievous sort of guy. In the book he drops dust on students, took baths and ate peaches when he was suppost to be working. But don’t go thinking Monkey is a bad guy, because he did alot of good things like save about twenty monkeys from his clan, and he also made his clan more secure from enemies, like the demon that had captured them in the first place.
    Monkey’s like the first emporer, Qin Shi Huangdi, because he wanted to have immortaliy.

  15. EC15 Says:

    Monkey has many personality traits. One is he is very ambitious. The monkey clan wanted to know what was on the behind the waterfall and one of the said that whoever went behind the waterfall would be king. Then monkey showed up and went behind the waterfall. He is also brave. He beet the Demon of Havoc in a fight and feed the monkeys. Monkey is similar to the first emperor because they both wanted to live forever. This is Monkey’s personality.

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