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It’s All in Your Point of View! March 15, 2009

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What's Your Point of View?

What's Your Point of View?

In your reading over the past few days, you have met a number of new characters, such as the students, Master Subhodi, the Demon of Havoc, and perhaps the Dragon King.  You are to pretend you are one of the newer characters that you have met through your reading.  Please write a paragraph, from their point of view, of what you think about Monkey.  Make sure you include evidence from the text to support your thoughts.  


Here is an example from a character encountered earlier in the book:

(Woodcutter)  One day, I was just minding my own business, singing a little song while I was just cutting branches in the woods.   I was rudely interrupted by a monkey,who thought I was a sage.  I found this monkey to be slightly demanding because he kept insisting I was a sage, and then  when I told him I wasn’t, he then wanted to know why then was I singing a song about a sage.  I have to admit, I was frightened of Monkey because he first seemed very upset with me when I told him I was not a sage.  Even after I told him about Master Subhodi,who is a sage, I still was somewhat afraid of what he might do as I led him through the woods towards where he could find Master Subhodi.  Luckily, I needed to stop leading him when  it got dark.  I found him definitely on the frightening side and that he always wants to get his own way.  I hope my next trip back to the woods is less eventful than this time!


14 Responses to “It’s All in Your Point of View!”

  1. EC6 Says:

    (Demon Of Havoc) One day I was minding my own business and I heard a call. I didn’t know who it was so I roared at the top of my lungs. Someone or something called back. I got out of my hole to fight. A little tiny monkey wanted to fight me! “I could beat this thing with my pinky finger” I thought. I was wrong! The monkey fought like a tornado! He used so many magic spells. I curled up on the ground like a baby. The monkey went into my hole and freed the rest of his clan. I hope I never fight like that again.

  2. EC 18 Says:

    I Dragon King don’t like Monkey because he stole my weight that held an island on the suffuse of the ocean and is now floating away. Also because he was very rude to me and did not care if I like him or not or if he could take the weight or not. To my Monkey is a very disturbing person because he thinks that he can get whatever he wants without other people diction. He is to annoying and is impatient. Monkey is not a man I would EVER be friends with. ~ EC 18

  3. E-C 7 Says:

    E-c 7 (Curious Monkey) I and the rest of the clan were just minding our own business looking at the wonderful waterfall above us when the Magnificent Monkey King popped up and asked “are you looking for a king?” Suddenly he leaped into the water and disappeared behind the waterfall. About 10 minutes later he still wasn’t back so all of the clan thought he was dead. Then the Monkey King jumped out of the water and told us, “through this waterfall there is a wonderful place to live.” So all of us are now living behind the waterfall for the rest of our days!

  4. EC 3 Says:

    EC3 (other monkeys point of view) At first The Magnificent Monkey King seemed boastful but he brought us here and has proved himself many times over. Long live The Magnificent Monkey King!!

  5. EC 12 Says:

    One day, at the bottom of the Eastern Sea, I, the Dragon King was minding my own business. Suddenly, there was a very loud knock on the door. “Who is it?” I called and opened the door. It was a strange monkey I had never seen before. Not only was he new, he wanted my precious weapons! To tell the truth, I was a little bit frightened of this monkey because only powerful people could come to the bottom of the Eastern Sea. I was so frightened that I let him see my weapons. The monkey wanted none of them but he took the pillar that kept the island I lived under in place. I think this monkey was very rude and I hope I don’t run into him again.

  6. EC20 Says:

    (Demon Of Havoc) One day after I had just captured a bunch of monkeys I had found on a mountain and brought them back to my lair. I was rudely interrupted by a small monkey claiming to be the monkey king wanting the monkeys back that I had stolen. He was about the size of my palm. I thought it would be easy to fight him, but boy was I wrong he had me on the ground within a matter of seconds. He took the monkeys and left. I think that he’s a very rude unthoughtful person. I would not want to see him again.

  7. EC 4 Says:

    One day when I was minding my own business a monkey bursted into my temple. He politely asked for a weapon. What a rude request!” I thought. “I don’t even know this monkey.” I wanted him to go so I agreed and sent forth a hammerhead with a big hammer. He just refused it. Getting mad I sent forth a swordfish with an enormous sword. Monkey refused again. I could feel my face getting red but I sent him a narwhale with a big head spike. He refused yet again. Monkey noticed the glimmering light from my treasure room. Without permission, he forced his way into my private room with my most prized possessions. He stole my magic pillar! The thief! Don’t worry, the Jade Emperor will take care of this arrogant thief.

  8. EC 14 Says:

    EC 14 (Master Subhodi) I was just teaching a class, as normal, when a monkey walked in, slamming the door behind him, disturbing the students and myself. Seeing me, he clumsily bowed, and shouted, shattering the silence, “MASTER, I OFFER YOU MY MOST HUMBLE RESPECTS.” I laughed, thinking: silly little monkey. Of course, I knew his story and exactly what he wanted. But, at that moment, I realized he was actually very rude and impatient. This would not do, I thought, and without realizing it, I lost my temper. I cannot remember ever losing my temper before, and my students were amazed. I decided to test him, then and there. I used my secret signs, saying: “Meet me at 3:00 in the morning. Come through the back door.” I knew he wouldn’t respond. Chasing him out the door, little did I know he would discover my secret signs, and become my favorite and most advanced student.

  9. EC16 Says:

    (Demon of Havoc) The sweet smell of monkeys filled my cave. Just as I was about to eat all those monkeys a loud voice yelled from outside. “Demon of Havoc! I am the Magnificent Monkey King and I have come to get my monkeys back!” leaping out of my cave I yell, “Who is this king that dare challenges me!” I was expecting a huge king, not a small monkey. I laughed and laughed which I really regret. Boy does that monkey have a good punch. Blow after blow I took until finally, I was beaten. And then all these screeching monkeys came upon me. I couldn’t move at all. That is the last time I will mess with that scary monkey. I hope tomorrow nights dinner isn’t so painful!

  10. EC8 Says:

    (Master Subhondi) I say Monkey is an OK student. He studies a lot and is good at his work. He does his chores like everybody else. I call him disrespectful because he shows off. When I came in one day he was a peach tree! That is disrespectful. I sent him off because of that. That is what I call Monkey.

  11. EC 1 Says:

    (Master Subhodi) One day I was teaching my students when I sensed someone approaching. It turned out to be Monkey. I was startled when Monkey busted into the room and shouted, “MASTER! I OFFER YOU MY MOST HUMBLE RESPECTS!” He had startled my students and me and when I asked him what he wanted to learn, he lied and said, “I wish to learn any kind of wisdom you can teach me.” Eventually I lost my temper and decided to test Monkey, so I walked over and hit him on the head three times, folded my hands behind my back and left. I was amazed to find out that night that Monkey had figured out my secret message, which was to meet me at three o’clock in the morning. As smart as he is, I think Monkey is foolish and cannot focus, so he could never learn to live forever. Eventually I had to make him leave.

  12. EC 19 Says:

    (Master Subhodi) One day I was walking down the path and I saw monkey turn into a peach tree I feel it is very disrespectful. I also think he is a show off by using his powers and says he can do anything. Some times I think he is smart though because he is the only one who knows my signals but he has done too many bad things that’s why I sent him off.

  13. riveredge Says:

    I first met this mischievous monkey when I was in the middle of teaching my other students, though I knew he was coming long before. To make sure he was worth teaching, I gave him a little test. I slapped him on the head three times and held my hands behind my back to signal “Come into my room at three o’clock in the morning, and come through the back door”. For a second or two he thought I was actually angry at him and he took me seriously, but he must’ve understood, because I got up at three A.M. to find a little monkey sitting at the foot of my bed. After that Monkey became my best student. He learned quickly and got to be very powerful. But one day, he started breaking the rules and slacking off, and the students started complaining about how he wasn’t doing work. He found excuses for most of them, but I taught him a little lesson of what would happen if he didn’t use his powers wisely, and he learned his lesson… I hope…

  14. EC 12 Says:

    These are great postings!Please read them all! The are really, REALLY good! GOOD JOB TO THE POSTERS!

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