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Fast Forward 500 Years April 8, 2009

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Monkey has been trapped under the mountain for 500 years.  He’s had lots of time to come up with a new plan.  Monkey is finally released from his stone prison.  Please write the next chapter for what happens next.  This should be three paragraphs in length.


12 Responses to “Fast Forward 500 Years”

  1. EC 18 Says:

    500 Years Later
    EC 18
    Monkey has now left the dreaded jail sell and will make his way back to his clan. Arriving at the cave it is deserted with no bones or monkeys left anywhere. Making his way around he finds one monkey left living … it is a baby monkey that one of the woman monkeys had had before they were killed. Monkey realized that there was a tag on his neck that read all about him. His name was Bananas his mothers name was Kara and he was born the day after Monkey had left his clan. Reading and reading he found out that the baby was going to be dead but Kara jumped in and saved his life. At the bottom it says where they were berried because some monkeys did not die when the Devil of Havoc came but after that they became very sick and left the baby with food and shelter until Monkey had come back.
    A few years later Bananas were now big and strong like monkey was when before he went to the jail. Monkey has been teaching Bananas all about the magical powers that he has and is telling Bananas all of his stories like when he met Dragon King and when he ate all of those peaches in the heavenly peach garden. Bananas favorite story was when he found the cave that he has now been living in fore 5 years and has never been anywhere else. Monkey starts to tell a story like this “Once there was a brave monkey who was willing to do anything so one day he found a heard of monkeys seeing who will be the new ruler by jumping through the cave and coming out alive. Monkey of course the brave and willing one jumped into the cave and found the most beautiful paradise ever! He was in there for awhile so the other monkeys thought that he was dead… all of a sudden he jumped out and told the monkeys about the paradise and made jump though the waterfall and come out on the other side and see an amazing paradise that was made for them with a lot of peaches. It seemed to Monkey that is place was made for him with everything he could want a thrown and peaches (his favorite food).” At the end of a good bed time story like that Bananas was already asleep but still listening in his dreams.
    Ending all that he could tell to Bananas. Monkey left to find Bananas a home. But Bananas would not let him leave Monkey after all of the things that they had done together and what Monkey told Bananas about. Bananas was not just about to let that just slip right away this cave was his home and his only home so how ever much Monkey tried Bananas would not let him get one foot out of his sight.

  2. EC 12 Says:

    Monkey slept. And slept. And slept. When Monkey woke up on the 364th day of the 499th year he had conjured up a plan. The next day, Buddha’s iron grip retracted. Monkey scampered out of his palm before Buddha could close it again. “Little monkey,” he said in a monotone voice. “You have lost.”
    “I know that I lost,” Monkey retorted. “Now if you would excuse me, I NEED to speak with The Jade Emperor.”
    Monkey shot across the room, through the door, and skidded to a stop at Jade Emperor’s throne.
    No one was there. Monkey turned around. No such luck. Monkey seemed to be the only one in the Emperor’s throne room. “Why me?” Monkey wailed. “Why me? Jade Emperor is gone! I can’t leave without him seeing me walk out! Why….”
    Monkey was forced to stop mid-sentence. A creaking sound had come from a nearby door. Monkey heard footsteps coming towards him, but did not see anyone. “Hello?” someone called.
    Monkey looked around. “Oh Monkey! There you are!” The Jade Emperor’s voice boomed through the room. “I wanted to tell you: you get the chance to go back to Earth. Master Subhodi will meet you there. You get to continue your studies!”
    Joy swept through Monkey like a wave crashing to shore. Thoughts paraded through his mind. He left the palace, filled to the brim with happiness. Monkey was going to learn how to live forever and teach it to his monkey friends!

  3. EC#3 Says:

    Ever since Monkey’s first day in prison Monkey had been scribbling, crossing out, and scribbling some more with a chalk rock he had found. But on the 364th day of the 499th year, Monkeys last day in prison, Monkey spent the day scanning the walls using his awesome memory to remember everything.
    Creak the stone doors opened “Monkey, your 500 years is up.” boomed The Buda. “O.K.” squeaked Monkey from behind him “see you later” as he leaped onto a cloud to fly back to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits. When Monkey finally reached his home he was disappointed with the band of rouges he found. Then he thought up an idea.
    The next morning Monkey walked into the deepest part of the cave and found the clan elders. He asked to see the oldest. As he whispered something into her ear, She smiled. “How about tomorrow.”

  4. EC6 Says:

    Monkey thought of a plan. But not right away. At first he scolded himself for getting trapped for 500 years. In the Buddha’s hand there was a mountain range that went up forever. Monkey had no hope of getting out.
    He fell asleep for 231 years and 276 days. He woke up, and groaned when he saw that he was only a little bit over half way done with his punishment. So he fell back to sleep and dreamed about his plan.
    Then he awoke to the Buddha’s voice. His punishment was over! He leaped as high as he could, over the mountains and out to the main hall of Heaven. “At last I have done my due to the Buddha.” He leaped out of Heaven, onto a cloud and soared into his cave palace. Crashing through the waterfall he heard gasps of surprise. Many generations of monkeys had gone past since he had started his punishment. Stories had been passed down about him but no one knew if he was real. One monkey stepped forward and asked: “Are you the legendary Monkey King?” Monkey King said “yes. Are you my new clan?” Everybody cheered and yelled to have their King back. They ran up, hugged him and bowed. Just then a big monster burst through the waterfall. It was the Demon of Havoc. The Demon had his swords ready. The monkeys scattered. The Monkey King stepped up. The fight was about to begin.

  5. E-C 7 Says:

    Monkey: Last Chapter!

    Monkey waited and waited for 500 years. Today was the day when he was going to escape and get back to the mountain of flowers and fruit. Then monkey saw him – He saw Buddha. “Hello monkey,” said Buddha in his loud voice. “You can go.” “ Whippee!” yells monkey as he gets a cloud to soar back to the mountain of flowers and fruits.
    As Monkey arrived at deep dark sea, he stopped to visit the Dragon King. “Hey Dragon king come here!” yelled Monkey. Soon after that a huge head appeared out of the sea and glared at Monkey. “ Go away Monkey.” So Monkey left on his cloud.
    Soon after that Monkey saw his favorite place, the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits. He soared a bit longer until he was close enough for comfort. Then he fell. When he landed he saw a horrible thing. All the monkeys in his clan were dead!

  6. EC 1 Says:

    Monkey awoke with a start. He looked around. He thought he had heard a large noise. Just then a loud voice rang out through his prison walls. “MONKEY?” At once Monkey recognized the voice. It was the voice of Buddha. “Yes?” monkey asked curiously. Then he remembered: today was the day he went free! “You are free to leave” boomed Buddha.
    Joy swept through monkey. He would leave his prison and go back to his clan. He jumped out of his now open prison back up to heaven. “Have you learned your lesson?” asked Jade Emperor smoothly. “Yes.” Monkey lied. Secretly, Monkey felt he had learned nothing at all.
    Monkey flew back to his clan’s cave. “Monkey!” His clan echoed the words all around him. “It is me my clan.” Monkey said happily. “I have returned from 500 years of prison in a cave.” Some of the monkeys gasped. “But it is okay now” said monkey soothingly. “I am back.” But just then, a rumbling noise echoed around the cave. “What the…..” said Monkey and his clan. But then they saw. The Demon of Havoc burst into the cave. “uh-oh” said monkey.

  7. EC8 Says:

    After 500 years of waiting the Buddha to come, finally the Buddha came. He was quite surprised to see Monkey still living. He let Monkey choose one place to live in for one week. Monkey decided to go back to the Land of Flowers and Fruit. The Buddha took Monkey, as soon as Monkey entered the land and the descendants of the monkey family came and greeted him. Everybody in the land gathered peaches for Monkey to eat. Monkey was delighted to eat after 500 years.
    Soon Monkey had enough, and he looked around to get to know the place again. One monkey started to get sick. Monkey sent out some Monkeys to get a doctor. One day later the Monkeys came back with a doctor. The Monkey got some medicine and thanked the doctor. Monkey asked the doctor to stay and said yes. The doctor liked the place and got his other stuff.
    The Doctor said that this was the best place he has ever been. The week went by so fast that Monkey was sad to go. This time Monkey went over to the Land of Mountains and rivers. Monkey thought that this was a nice place, well until the thunder storms hit that is. Monkey had no clue on how long he was going to be in this place, but it is better than the desert.

  8. EC20 Says:

    EC20 500 years have passed since Monkey had been trapped in his stone prison. Now monkey had thought of a new plan. this time he would not be tricked or trapped by the jade emperor. Monkey finally slipped out of the buddha’s grasp. finally monkey jumped into a cloud and began to move towards the dragon kings palace. As Monkey entered the hall of the dragon king… was deserted. Monkey looked around for any body. but all he found was empty space. Every thing was trashed, the once magnificent throne was in pieces on the floor. The treasure hall was empty a former self of its once magnificent glory. as quickly as he could soared to the jade emperors palace the gates to heaven where rusted in need of repair no soldiers stood guard. Monkey entered heaven to see that is was no longer anything but barren wasteland. As quickly as possible he cloud soared to the blessed cave of the water curtain and did not like what he saw.

  9. EC 19 Says:

    Monkey’s plan

    After one hundred years passed Monkey thought just a little of a plan for getting back at Buddha, Monkey was just enjoying sitting back and relaxed lazy self. After years, months, and extremely long days of doing nothing Monkey got bored. So he went off searching the strange place, were Buddha’s hand was for ideas for a plan to get back at Buddha. Monkey found some forest. And went in and followed the thick long dirt path. As he was walking he saw the nicest peach tree he has ever seen. Monkey climbed as fast as he could already licking his lips slowly took one bite then another savoring each and every drip from the peach. Then suddenly he didn’t see the path then he knew he was lost.

    Monkey was scared. He took some peaches with him and climbed down. While walking through the plants and weeds made Monkey sneeze and drop all of his precious peaches. Later that day, Monkey’s stomach started to growl. So Monkey ran as fast as he could and found a green shiny plant. Just as he was going to pick it, he notices that it was poison ivy. Then he said to himself I bet I could poison Buddha as my plan. So he picked a hair off and he said Alalalatola! and the hair turned into a paper bag and gloves. Monkey slipped on the gloves and picked poison ivy. He put the poison ivy in the bag.

    As Monkey looked up after putting poison ivy in the bag he saw an opening in the forest and he quickly walked out. He called out to Buddha and suddenly a face appeared “Buddha “yelled Monkey
    ” what do you want” called out Buddha
    “I want to make a deal if you get sick I get to be king of heaven”
    “Ha I’ll take that deal any time “said Buddha
    “is that a yes “said Monkey?
    “of course” Buddha laughed
    Then why don’t you stay for some tea, asked Monkey? Hmmm that sounds good I’ll join you, said Buddha. Monkey quickly brewed the tea, slipped two leaves of poison ivy into the mint tea and slowly carried the tea outside. Here is your tea said Monkey oh this is good tea said Buddha. But suddenly Buddha turned to Monkey and asked, what is this on my hand, Monkey? I think it is a rash, you should lay down said Monkey. Monkey, I feel very sick, so you are now king of heaven. Buddha I tricked you I put poison ivy in your tea said Monkey, I shall cure you now Alalalatola!

  10. EC16 Says:

    Life in a mountain

    Monkey chuckled to himself. “I shall stay in this mountain building up my powers. Then I will be released.” He chuckled again. “And with 500 years under this mountain, I will have a perfect plan!”
    A deep growl rattled the cave.
    “I think I have found an opponent.” said Monkey. And he had! A large beast suddenly came upon him.
    “NO FAIR!” yelled Monkey.
    “There’s no such thing as ‘no fair’.” growled the beast.
    The duel began with another blow from the beast. Monkey jumped out of the way just in time to see another hairy monster charged at him.
    “Another one?” complained Monkey. He would be in perfect shape by the end of this.
    And Monkey was in perfect shape when Budda checked on him. He jumped right out of the cave, ran home, and was never seen again.

  11. EC 14 Says:

    EC 14 The Army of Ants

    So, when monkey was trapped inside the mountain, there ws nothing for him to do except to wait. Five hundred years – that will be gone in no time at all, Monkey thought. And so, Monkey waited… and waited… and waited… until finally, after approximately one hour, monkey became impatient. He yelled furiously for help, but no one answered. He tried banging the sides of the mountain, but that just bruised his fists and did not help. After trying everything, he sat down with a thump and began thinking of a new plan.
    At that moment, Monkey heard a tiny, frail voice. “Do you think someone’s in there?” it asked.
    “I doubt it,” another voice answered. “Nobody’s been trapped in there for centuries!”
    “You’re right,” another quiet voice agreed.
    “Wait… Listen!” the first voice announced.
    Whatever they were, they stopped talking and listened. Sure enough, something was in there.
    “HELP!” Monkey screamed, banging the walls with all his might.
    “Shhh! We hear you,” said a voice.
    “But what are you?” Monkey questioned.
    “Ants,” the ants all answered together. “And we want to ask you: Have you seen any water around? We’re dying of thirst, and we need water badly,” one coughed.
    Ah-hah, Monkey had a plan. “Water? Oh yes, there’s lots of it in here. So much, it could flood a city. But how to get it out, I’m not sure.”
    As if on cue, an ant said: ”We can dig a hole! Through to the inside of the mountain! All the water will come gushing through!” The ants cheered.
    So, the ants, so excited for water, dug a wide hole without sensing Monkey’s trick. It did take a while, but there were thousands of them. In just a few days, they had finished. But water did not come out!? They looked in cautiously, wondering what could have gone wrong.
    They were flung aside as a gigantic creature, a monkey, it looked like, came barging through, laughing furiously. “Tricked you, tricked you!” he sang as he disappeared into the night sky. Monkey hopped and danced, laughing, laughing all the way down to Earth. He somersaulted and cart wheeled back to his Monkey clan, where he greeted them with a joyful “HEEELLOOOOO!!!”
    And there Monkey stayed, happily with his friends, having one new adventure after another. And by and by, he told his stories to his friends and family, and they told them to their friends and families, and they told them to theirs.

  12. EC 13 Says:

    Monkey tried to get out of the mountain but he never could. First he tried using his powers on the gigantic mountain but there was a seal on it and no matter how he tried the mountain sat stubbornly on top of him. Monkey had little to do under the mountain but with the little movements he could do he trained. He trained all day and most of the night. During it he mastered and learned many things. And one day monkey became so powerful that the mountain burst into pieces under Monkey’s intense power and the second he came out the only thing in his mind was revenge.
    “Monkey has taken over the earth!” A Thousand League Eye shouted fearfully as he raced panting into Jade Emperor’s chambers. “WHAT” the now-awakened emperor shouted and immediately started sneezing up a storm. “What (sneeze) did you (sneeze) see?!” Jade Emperor said through many sneezes. Thousand League Eye took no time in answering. “I saw it from here” he said putting an arm in front of his face to shield himself from the sneezes. “Its monkey, he’s leading a horde of billions right towards us!” And at this point A Thousand League Eye ran out of the emperor’s chambers screaming
    Jade Emperor looked down at one of his manservants. “Bring in Vaisravane.”
    Vaisravane was there in no time. “My lord you called for me?” he said. “Oh yes” Jade Emperor said “ bring all your forces including Dragon King, the kings of the four quarters, magician lang, your son, Demon of Havoc, and Mekitash (meky-tash) to destroy Monkey.” “WHAT” Vaisravane shouted “I mean, my lord I think I can handle this without Mekitash.” “No” said Jade emperor stubbornly, “you will bring him.”
    Monkey sat at the head of his mighty horde facing Vaisravanes. “Where is the Great Buddha” Monkey bellowed out to Vaisravane. “We have not brought him scum and you will never see him again, CHARRGGGGGE” Vaisravane screeched as his horde raced by. With a flick of his staff Monkeys horde raced towards Vaisravanes. “MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY” they roared and as the battle ensued. Monkey leaped at Vaisravane, Vaisravane turned around just in time to duck a swift kick from monkey. Vaisravane fought back, swinging his barbed sword at monkey’s head. Monkey back flipped over the sword and dealt a swift blow to Vaisravanes skull killing him immediately. Next Monkey jumped for magician Lang. Lang heard monkey a mile away and she swung her club almost killing monkey but he was quick. He ducked under it and attempted to trip her but she jumped over his foot and at the same time swung her club for the finishing blow but monkey caught it and at the same time kicking his foot backwards, killing a heavenly warrior instantly. Then monkey swung Lang’s club into some distant mountains bringing Lang with it, “Bye-bye” monkey chuckled. Then monkey plucked 500 golden hairs from his leg and this time he shouted “malalalmyalla” and then the hairs turned into a mighty dragon which headed straight for dragon king and demon of havoc (since monkey became stronger the hairs turn into a dragon) felling them both instantaneously. And then the whole heavenly military ran for cover screaming. “Yes” Monkey roared “I have won” then the earth began to shake. Mountains fell over trees shattered. And out of the earth came a mighty mix between dragon snake and demon. And as it rose out of the earth it screeched MEEEKKIIIIIITTTAAASHH but before it could fully get out of the earth monkey pointed his fist at it and a huge one came out striking Mekitash. MEEKKKKIIIII it screeched at monkey as the huge fist came intact with Mekitash’s jaw then it was Mekitash’s turn to strike. And it lashed out at monkey with it’s huge tail sending straight through three mountains but monkey wasn’t finished yet “malalalmyalla” monkey shouted as he plucked 1000 golden hairs from his leg and it turned into 2 dragons both going for the remainder of Vaisravane’s horde. Meanwhile Monkey circled Mekitash. But monkey was totally surprised at what happened next, for a beast of Mekitash’s size he moved like chain lightning but monkey was quick too and he maximized his staff and stuck it straight up in the air severing Mekitash’s head off but Mekitash’s fang’s were stuck deep into monkeys back and even immortal ones could not stand the poison of Mekitash. And monkey fell to the ground dead never to make destruction again, the great legend finally killed.

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